We all know that sport is essential to keep our bodies in a normal state, but professional sport can present challenges that can sometimes complicate the sporting process and reduce our motivation. Stress, muscle and joint pains, fatigue and various injuries are part and parcel of the daily routine of an active sports person. How can CBD help a person with an active lifestyle overcome these difficulties?

1. CBD can help relieve stress and its symptoms

According to research, active sport can interfere with the endocannabinoid system. Active movement changes heart rate, muscle tension and blood pressure, all of which are extremely stressful to our bodies. Numerous studies show that CBD oil and other CBD products can help in the fight against stress and anxiety. Cannabidiol in our bloodstream positively stimulates the brain's neural connections, thus helping us to calm down, ease our body's struggle with stress and generally improve our mood.

2. CBD can improve sleep quality

Good sleep is vital for people who play sports, helping them to maintain a good level of exercise and achieve the desired results. Sport has a stimulating effect, which makes it hard for everyone to fall asleep after intense physical activity. Research has shown that CBD has the power to calm people down,
people whose adrenaline levels have reached extremely high levels. CBD is said to be able to regulate our physiological sleep, even when we are under extreme fatigue, stress, pain or stimulated by adrenaline.

3. CBD can reduce pain and inflammation

Muscle and joint pain after an intense workout is a familiar feeling for probably everyone. These unpleasant sensations can not only be uncomfortable, demotivating and increase the risk of injury. CBD oil and other cannabidiol preparations have an analgesic effect that effectively reduces pain, inflammation and speeds up the recovery process after intense and strenuous exercise. In addition, the World Health Organisation, in a 2018 report, stated that CBD does not have the addictive properties found in many other painkillers. Some studies suggest that CBD may be a way to combat addiction caused by painkillers.

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