The formulas that we develop are created by researching, looking through scientific reviews and their comparisons. Based on scientific data, on the proven efficacy of already existing formulas, ingredients, and various combinations of ingredients, we use our own manufacturing technologies to develop new molecular compounds. One of our main priorities when developing new combinations is product safety.

We are aware that the subject of our research, from the sativa l plant, has only begun to find its way into the global arena of scientific laboratories in very recent years. In this business, we like to think of ourselves as specialists and connoisseurs of the field. Recently, we have noticed a particularly large number of scientific publications and theoretical reviews on the benefits of using cannabis products, so the credibility of the scientific publications requires a very careful inspection and evaluation from us.

Looking through various reviews and scientific explanations, we realised that designing a product that meets consumers' expectations of its effectiveness is a serious challenge. This led us to develop a product testing methodology that we are continuously improving, which has allowed us to better understand other products on the market and to assess their quality and effectiveness. While developing our products in collaboration with experienced scientists, analysts, and global reviewers in the field, we search for new ingredients, thus developing advanced ZOLLEE formulas.

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