Via Solution B.V. is a multinational company with ZOLLEE HEMP AGRO (ZHA), ZOLLEE Phyto-Molecular Synergy technology and ZOLLEE FULL SYNERGY (ZFS) formulation licence.

By observing natural processes in plants, we focus on specific molecular compounds, analyse interactions between plants, and study the effects of natural ingredients on human health. The rapid global development of phytocannabinoids from Cannabis sativa L. has led us to participate in the development and production of new technologies, equipment and products.

We conduct research on plant ingredients, develop tools for data digitisation, management and optimisation, and contribute to the development of personalised wellness programmes.

Via Solution mission

Via Solution's mission is to help people find ways, solutions and tools to stay healthy.

By observing and analysing the natural processes in plants, we are looking for answers on how we can make the best use of this creative "nature laboratory".

The natural competition in nature and the inseparability of all its elements from one another make us all unique, that is why we believe that the health solutions of the future are personalised medical systems inspired by the nature around us.

Via Solution vision

In nature, it is very important to predict events, evaluate them and prepare for possible challenges. In human health this is called prevention.

By being sensitive to processes in nature, as in the spiritual state of human beings, we strive to find harmony and respect for all creations.

By following this path, we believe that the products developed by ZOLLEE will become the choice of everyone who is looking for a natural formula for maintaining health.

Our company aims to contribute to Lithuania's role as a world leader in natural wellness.